A shared journey to reducing the use of plastics in my day to day life. @unsynthetic is a result of those that have made change to their lives and inspired me get up of the couch like ‘norma’ and put some actions for change in place.

Norma is a reference from a television commercial – Life. Be in it – featuring Norm and Norma promoting a healthy active lifestyle.  The commercial screened on Australian television during the late 1970’s.

Not only does the Life. Be in it message resonate, so does the Clean up Australia Day message – which to me – is a daily message. I am not measuring the volume of rubbish I pick up but I know that I am one of many making a change.  Only time and science will determine our efforts.  Plastics may be contributing to disease (I am not a scientist), but I might think that there is cause and effect from plastic exposure either directly, or through our food web chain.

I am not a professional author and make no apology for any grammatical or spelling errors.  Plus, phonetic scrabble is good fun!

Embrace each and every positive change you make.  Love life.

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