#5 – compounding plastic

There is so much plastic in the world.

I am still genuinely surprised at how much plastic there is in my everyday life. So much so that plastic has become part of the packaging for items such as tea and flour and I have been oblivious to its [plastic] insidious creep into the everyday and everywhere. In fact, I could not even purchase new bracelets without them being composed of the toxic not ever going to degrade anytime soon and out survive many human lifetimes plastic compound.


Bracelets made from non-recycled plastics.  The dish was made from recycling and compressing magazines.  The earrings have been made from old disused skateboards.

My other genuine (happy) surprise is the zero waste online global culture. The supportiveness and how freely information is shared without expectation is inspiring. Inge from Zero Waste Bloggers Network put me onto bees wax wrap – after post #4, with an idea to replace the clingwrap / gladwrap / cling foil, and I have finally made an online purchase, with the bees wax wrap in the post.  Naturally, all good things come at a price and I hope the wax wrap has reasonable longevity before it breaks down. As they say, you get what you pay for.  And no doubt I am showing my lack of knowledge, but what’s a journey and knowing how it ends … that would be rather dull.

The bees wax wrap was purchased online at Bee Eco Wrap (Noosa Heads Hinterland, Sunshine Coast Qld, Au)

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